Who Cody Was

On February 9, 1991, Cody Jude Barrasse entered this world at 11:49 pm with a bang. That was the start of an incredible journey. On April 7, 2013, at 4:46 am he quietly left this world, much sooner than ever expected, but left a mark that runs deep. Cody was 22 years old when he died after a head injury he sustained after being struck by a car as a pedestrian. He was visiting friends in Pittsburgh as he was preparing for his own graduation from Penn State University.

He grew up in Scranton, attending Nativity of Our Lord followed by Marion Catholic Grade Schools. He graduated from Scranton Prep in 2009 and was one month shy of graduating from the Pennsylvania State University when he passed and was posthumously awarded a BS in Finance. Cody was admitted and planned to attend law school in the fall of 2013.

Cody had a unique and special spirit. He was never afraid to go against the norm or question why something was done that way. His fundamental belief was equality. Neither money nor race should play any factor in the character of a man. The deeds one accomplishes, with the gifts he has been given, are what define his character.

Fighting Spirit

We will always remember his fighting spirit, his generosity, his sense of humor, his love of life and his ability to put the needs of others before his own. Father Keller spoke for all of us when he said in his homily at Cody’s funeral Mass: "Cody, we thank you for gifting us with your life. You have made all of us stronger and better. You have loved with the heart of a hero and our hearts are different now because of you.”

Natural Talent

A natural athlete, Cody excelled at any sport he tried. He was impatient; he was diligent; and he simply loved being an athlete. He relished playing back yard football or pick-up basketball. And despite innumerable injuries, each time he got back up and kept playing, never asking , “Why Me ?” Cody was the toughest person we knew, courageous and always true to himself. He always had our backs. Cody was described by his classmates as “a loyal and noble friend”.

Cody was a hero until his last breath. He gave the ultimate gift — “The Gift of Life”.

18 Month Old Child

An 18 month old received the small piece of his liver

9 Year Old Boy

A 9 year old boy received his loving heart.

Middle Aged Woman

A woman received a large part of his liver.

An Individual

A person received a large amount of his skin tissue.

An Individual

A person received his cornea.

Middle Aged Woman

A woman received his second kidney.

12 Year Old Boy

A young boy received his pancreas and one of his kidneys.

66 Year Old Man

A man received his 2 lungs.

The Cody Jude Barrasse Memorial Foundation was founded in 2013, shortly after the Cody’s tragic death. The goal of the foundation is to keep Cody’s legacy alive in our community through the promotion of organ donor awareness and to raise money for a full scholarship at Scranton Preparatory School.


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